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IBKR offers trading, clearing, custody and reporting with no long-term contract required.

This page provides information and resources to help you configure and customize your account, onboard, and manage clients, fund accounts, subscribe to market data, run reports, trade and more.

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Account Security

Configuring Market Data

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Prop Trader Onboarding (10)

Getting Started

Portal serves as a one-stop destination for managing accounts, viewing account balances, P&L and key performance metrics, funding accounts, reporting, and more. Portal is always available from the Login button on our website.

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Configuring Your Account

User Access Rights

Once your account is approved and opened, your organization's security officer(s) can create and add users to an account, manage user access to account trading, reporting, funding, and settings, and configure client-specific access.

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Account Funding

The Transfer & Pay menu in Portal provides resources to let you transfer funds, transfer positions, and check transaction status and history. Additionally, you can submit withdrawals for both your master account and sub accounts.

Our website provides an overview of funding methods available to clients.

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Prop Trading Account Structure

IBKR offers Proprietary Trading Group accounts for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and unincorporated legal structures.

Organization Account

A single trading account with one or more users. Multiple users can view and modify other traders' activity.

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Separate Trading Limit Account

Multiple, linked accounts all in the name of a single entity. Assets in all accounts are owned by the entity account holder. Each account has its own trading limits and can have its own trading strategy.

Master, sub accounts and users are part of the same legal entity.

Funds are deposited in the master account and transferred between the master and sub accounts to control individual trader limits.

Initial margining is determined for each individual account, while maintenance margining is determined at a consolidated account level.

Master users can set trading limits on individual sub accounts based on order size and value.

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Performance & Statements

Performance & Statements

The Performance & Statements menu in Portal provides access to PortfolioAnalyst®, standard Statements, Flex Queries, Tax Documents and more.

  • Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA): TCA tracks the quality of your orders' transaction prices versus market conditions either at the time the orders were submitted or after the trade executes.
  • Tax Optimizer: Tax Optimizer lets you change your tax lot-matching method to optimize your gains and losses.

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Account Security

Account Security

We are committed to protecting accounts from fraudulent practices. Prop Traders need to be authenticated with our Digital Security Card+.

iOS Tutorial:

Please note that Clients of Prop Traders can download the iOS Mobile App, however, Prop Traders do not have direct access to this tool.

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Android Tutorial:

Please note that Clients of Prop Traders can download the Android Mobile App, however, Prop Traders do not have direct access to this tool.

Configuring Market Data

Prop Trader Onboarding (21)

Market Data

Use the Settings menu in Portal to manage your market data, research and news subscriptions. We provide real-time streaming market data for free or at the price we are charged by the exchange and offer access to dozens of free and premium market research and news providers.

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Trade Your Account

Trading Platforms

Your username and password provide access to our award-winning platforms that are powerful enough for professional traders but designed for everyone.

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Trader Workstation (TWS)

Our flagship desktop platform designed for active traders and investors who trade multiple products and require power and flexibility.

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Trader Workstation (TWS)

Our flagship desktop platform designed for active traders and investors who trade multiple products and require power and flexibility.

TWS Layout/Customization Tutorial:

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TWS Setup Window Tutorial:

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Customers can direct US stock orders to the IBKR ATS destination to add liquidity. Orders directed to IBKR ATS are automatically tagged as "not held" orders, and are posted in IBKR's order book where they are eligible to trade against incoming SmartRouted orders that are marketable against them.

A variety of order types are available for posting liquidity in IBKR ATS, including Pegged-to-Midpoint, Pegged-to-Best, Relative/Pegged-to-Primary, and Pegged-to-Market, as well as priced limit orders.

IBKR ATS for Prop Traders:

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IBKR Mobile

Easily trade and monitor your IBKR account on-the-go from your iOS or Android device (tablet or smartphone).

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User Guide – iOS

User Guide – Android

IBKR Mobile

Easily trade and monitor your IBKR account on-the-go from your iOS or Android device (tablet or smartphone).

IBKR Mobile for Prop Traders:

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From easy-to-use Excel API to IBKR’s industrial strength FIX API, IBKR offers APIs for every experience level.

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From easy-to-use Excel API to IBKR’s industrial strength FIX API, IBKR offers APIs for every experience level.

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Other Features

Account Window

A configurable window in TWS for monitoring every aspect of your account activity.

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Monitor Positions

The Monitor panel on the TWS houses your watch lists and your Portfolio page so you can quickly access a real-time view of your positions, P&L, liquidity, margin requirements, etc.

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Rebalance Portfolio

Use the TWS Rebalance window to rebalance your portfolio based on the target percentages you enter.

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Pre-Trade Compliance

Use the Pre-Trade Compliance (PTC) tool to set trading restrictions and controls on the account or individual users with account access.

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Paper Trading Account

Use the full range of trading facilities in a simulated environment using real market conditions.

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Investors' Marketplace

The Investors’ Marketplace lets brokers advertise their services to IBKR clients and connect with third party suppliers of technology, research, consulting and investment services. Our website provides an overview of funding methods available to clients.

About Search Money Managers


Use Portal to access PortfolioAnalyst, a comprehensive portfolio management tool that helps you quickly and easily consolidate clients’ financial information from any financial institution to gain a complete portfolio view, including assets held-away.

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For information on other features, including Trade in Fractions, IBKR GlobalAnalyst, the Bonds Marketplace and Mutual Fund Marketplace, visit our Features in Focus webpage.

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Support Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for an answer? Browse our extensive inventory of frequently asked questions.

IBKR Campus

Learn about the tools, markets and technology available to you as a broker on the IBKR Platform. Stay on top of market events at Traders Insight, learn about programming at the Quant Blog, subscribe to our Podcast channel for interviews and audio articles covering the world of finance, or sign up for a complimentary webinar.

Global Product Offering

Invest globally in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds from a single unified platform.

Margin Trading

IBKR offers margin rates from USD 5.83% - 6.83% , the lowest margin loan interest rates of any broker, according to the Online Broker Survey 2023 Read the full article .

Support for Institutions

Browse our support page for instructional videos, user guides, release notes and information on connecting with us.

Prop Trader Onboarding (2024)


What is the starting salary for prop trading? ›

How much does an Entry Level Proprietary Trader make? As of Apr 10, 2024, the average annual pay for an Entry Level Proprietary Trader in the United States is $112,369 a year.

How much money do you need to start a prop trading firm? ›

How much does it cost to set up a prop firm? It depends on the location and your target market, but if we're not talking about the US, then as little as $15,000 might do—for example, the basic DXtrade package costs just $5,000.

What is the base salary for a prop trader? ›

Proprietary Trading Firms Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$101,500$49
75th Percentile$96,000$46
25th Percentile$46,500$22

Is it hard to get into prop trading? ›

I speak from personal experience as a funded trader with True Forex Funds. While the journey requires dedication, consistency, and a strategic vision, it's entirely achievable. Proprietary trading firms are on the lookout for traders who demonstrate not only profitability but also sound risk management skills.

How many prop traders fail? ›

According to it, 4% of traders, on average, pass prop firm challenges. But only 1% of traders kept their funded accounts for a reasonable amount of time. While this result is not nearly as bad as the one discussed earlier, it still looks bleak for prospective prop traders. But why is the percentage of failure so high?

Can you make a living with prop trading? ›

Prop trading can be lucrative, with earnings tied to a profit-sharing ratio. Unlike traditional brokers relying on commissions, prop traders' income directly links to generated profits. Ratios vary, often ranging from 75/100 to 90/100, offering flexibility based on experience and strategy.

Do prop traders need a license? ›

Do proprietary trading firms need a license? Prop trading firms are less heavily regulated than regular brokerages and broker-dealers. However, it depends on the way the prof firm choose to open their business. If them choose to open a firm only with trader challenges, there's no license needed.

Is prop trading stressful? ›

Emotional impact Proprietary trading can be very stressful, as you trade the firm's money instead of your own, and you need to account for your losses.

Why do prop traders make so much money? ›

Proprietary trading occurs when a financial institution trades financial instruments using its own money rather than client funds. This allows the firm to maintain the full amount of any gains earned on the investment, potentially providing a significant boost to the firm's profits.

How many hours do prop traders work? ›

Prop traders spend long hours learning and building their skills as a trader. Later on, they might work 5, 9, or 12 hours a day, depending on their strategy and the market environment.

Can prop traders work from home? ›

You can get a remote job as a proprietary trader with a background in finance, economics, mathematics, or business. The minimum qualifications typically include trading or investing experience, but many employers are willing to train proprietary traders with very little experience.

How much do prop traders make per month? ›

Proprietary Trader Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$192,500$16,041
75th Percentile$181,000$15,083
25th Percentile$57,500$4,791

Do you need a Series 7 to trade at a prop firm? ›

Each Representative shall be required to pass the Series 7 General Securities Representative Qualification Examination unless his or her activities are so limited as to qualify him or her as a Proprietary Trader as specified hereafter.

Why is proprietary trading bad? ›

Personal Risk: One of the significant drawbacks of prop trading is the potential personal financial risk. If a trader doesn't perform well, they may lose their deposit, and in some cases, their job. Loss Limitations: Prop firms often implement daily loss limits to protect their capital.

Do prop firms really pay? ›

Yes, prop firms do pay. While there are some scams out there popping up everyday, reputable prop trading firms like True Forex Funds, FTMO,5%ers,FundedNext are legitimate and pay traders according to their profit-sharing agreements. As for True Forex Funds, I can vouch for their credibility.

Do prop traders make good money? ›

Senior Traders often earn between $500K and $1 million, and Partners can earn over $1 million per year. Base salaries do not necessarily change that much as you move up, so most of these gains come from increased bonuses.

Do prop firm traders make money? ›

Prop traders make all or most of their income from splitting profits they generate in financial markets with the prop firm that provides them with capital.

Is prop trading a good job? ›

Prop trading isn't all pomp and glamour either. It's a competitive, high-stress field with drawbacks like any other career. It's also awash with less-than-reputable firms that offer zero base pay, limited profit sharing and often make new hires pay for training and tech.

Is prop trading profitable? ›

Proprietary traders have access to sophisticated software and pools of information to help them make critical decisions. Although commonly viewed as risky, proprietary trading is often one of the most profitable operations of a commercial or investment bank.

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