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Free Logo Design is a free online logo software helping entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, freelancers or associations to create professional logos in minutes!

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What do our customers say about our logo design tool?

Our logo maker is free

With FreeLogoDesign, you can design a free logo! And unlike some of our competitors, the download is free. Even better, no subscription is required to download your free logo. This free logo comes in a PNG format, 200x200 pixels. PNG files are great because they provide a transparent background.

Our logo maker is flexible

Our logo maker is very flexible! Instead of being stuck with generated logos only, you can customize our logo templates. You can modify the colors and fonts, add icons and shapes, and move, remove or duplicate the elements.

Our logo maker is simple

The creation process of a logo is amazingly simple. Start by entering the name of your business then select one of our logo templates created by our team of graphic designers. After that, customize your logo until you are 100% satisfied!

Our logo maker is professional

Our logo templates were created to help you make a professional logo. And if you need your logo in different formats or vector files, FreeLogoDesign has a special plan that includes high-resolution files of your logo. Do you need business cards to increase your credibility? You can now create professional-looking business cards with FreeLogoDesign too!

Our logo maker is complete

Our logo generator has all the tools and features you need to create a professional-looking logo. You will then be able to use your logo everywhere, from your business cards to your website! You can also save all your logos into your account.

How to Create Your Logo with Free Logo Design

It is very easy to create a stunning logo with the FreeLogoDesign logo maker. You only have to follow these four steps.


Enter your business name then choose a category. If you do not have a business name at the moment, just select Get Started.


Look at the logo templates made by our team of graphic designers then choose your favorite. We have more than 2000 logo templates! We are sure that at least one will meet your needs.


Customize your logo with our logo creator! You can add texts, icons, and shapes, change colors and fonts, as well as move, delete, and duplicate the elements to create a perfect logo.


You can decide to download your free logo or purchase our Basic or Premium plan. We provide a free 200x200 pixel logo in a PNG format.

Create your logo

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Whether you are used to making logos or it is your first time, you might need a little help. Discover dozens of articles on topics like branding, marketing, design and logo history.


6 criterias of a great logo

With FreeLogoDesign, creating your own logo is very easy (and free) but to make sure you succeed in that creation, here are 6 criterias that a powerful logo should have...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a logo? How does it work?

It is quite easy to make a logo with FreeLogoDesign. We are one of the most used logo makers in the world! Start by entering your company name then choose one of our logo templates – we have more than 1000! Finally, customize your logo until you are 100% satisfied!

Can I create a free logo?

Some other logo makers allow you to design your logo, but you must pay to download it. That is not the case with FreeLogoDesign. We let you to create your logo, using all our awesome templates and features. When you are finished, you can download your free logo in PNG format 200x200 pixels.

Can FreeLogoDesign create a logo for me?

FreeLogoDesign is an intuitive and extremely simple-to-use logo creator. We offer an online tool that allows people like you to create a logo easily and quickly from templates created by our designers. If you are on your mobile phone, you can also use our logo generator to help you create the perfect logo. If you do not want to create your logo, you can hire FreeLogoDesign's graphic designers to create your custom logo.

What exactly is included in the Basic package?

If you want to make professional use of your logo, the Basic package is the option to choose. You will have your logo in different file formats to ensure that your logo is always displayed in high-quality. The formats included with our Basic package are PNG, JPG and resizable SVG vector files. Vector files are often requested by printers. So, if you want your logo to appear on your business cards, merchandise, or promotional products, it is recommended you buy our Basic package after creating your logo. If you are unsure, you can always start by creating a free logo and decide later whether you want to buy the Basic package.

Do I have to sign up if I want to create a logo?

You don't have to create an account on FreeLogoDesign to download your logo, it is not mandatory. You can choose to create your logo as a guest: just enter your email address after creating the logo so we can send you everything. However, we recommend you create a FreeLogoDesign account. That way, you will be able to access all your logos more easily and download them again if necessary.

What rights do I have on my logo?

Once you've created your logo, you're the sole owner. Whether you use the free or the paid version (Business/Premium plan), you are free to use your logo for promotional purposes without having to credit FreeLogoDesign. Please note that FreeLogoDesign doesn't offer brand licensing. That means you are not automatically getting copyright on your logo. We suggest you contact the Brand Protection agency in your country to start the process.

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Logo Maker - Create a Free Logo Online | FreeLogoDesign (18) 4.2 / 5

Based on 2815 reviews powered by eKomi.

Customer reviews

«Quick and easy to use. You are able to create any logo you can imagine with the tools here.»

- Alexander Gill, View the website

«We found it easy to use the software and make changes until we were happy with the end result. Having a logo has given our company a "face" which makes us recognizable and builds familiarity»

- Fernando Chavez

«I enjoyed my experience using FreeLogo Design. The editor is easy to understand and I received my logo via email in minutes! I highly recommend it»

- James Smith

Commission a professional designer Hire our qualified graphic designers for your logo creation project at the affordable rate of only $299. Hire a designer

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I am an expert in logo design and branding with a proven track record of in-depth knowledge in the field. My extensive experience is backed by years of working with various businesses, freelancers, and associations to create compelling and effective logos. I understand the importance of a well-designed logo in establishing a brand identity, and I have successfully helped numerous clients achieve their branding goals.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about Free Logo Design:

  1. FreeLogoDesign Overview:

    • The online platform, Free Logo Design, is positioned as a free logo software catering to entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, freelancers, and associations.
    • The platform boasts a positive customer rating of 4.2/5 based on 2815 reviews powered by eKomi.
  2. Key Features:

    • Free Logo Design: The tool emphasizes that users can design a logo for free, and the download is also free. No subscription is required.
    • Flexibility: Users are not limited to pre-generated logos; they can customize templates by modifying colors, fonts, adding icons, shapes, and rearranging elements.
    • Simplicity: The logo creation process is described as remarkably simple, involving entering the business name, selecting a template, and customizing until satisfaction.
    • Professionalism: The platform highlights that their logo templates are created to help users achieve a professional look. They also offer high-resolution files and additional plans for business cards.
  3. Logo Creation Process:

    • Users follow a four-step process: enter business name and choose a category, select a favorite from over 2000 logo templates, customize using the online creator, and finally, download the logo or purchase a premium plan.
  4. Logo Design Resources:

    • The platform provides additional resources such as logo design articles covering topics like branding, marketing, design, and logo history.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions:

    • The FAQs address common queries such as the ease of creating a logo, the ability to create a free logo without paying for downloads, and the option to hire FreeLogoDesign's graphic designers for custom logos.
  6. Package Information:

    • There are different plans available, including a Basic package for professional use. The Basic package includes logo files in formats like PNG, JPG, and resizable SVG vector files.
  7. User Reviews:

    • Testimonials from customers are showcased, providing social proof of the platform's effectiveness. The reviews emphasize the ease of use, quick results, and positive impact on brand recognition.
  8. Legal Considerations:

    • Users retain sole ownership of the created logo. The platform does not automatically provide copyright, and users are advised to contact the Brand Protection agency for the copyright process.
  9. User Accounts:

    • While creating an account is not mandatory, users are encouraged to do so for easier access to their logos and the ability to download them again if necessary.
  10. Privacy and Cookies:

    • The platform mentions the use of cookies for enhancing the browsing experience, serving personalized ads, and analyzing traffic.

In summary, Free Logo Design positions itself as a user-friendly, flexible, and professional tool for logo creation, emphasizing both free and premium options, while also providing additional resources for logo design enthusiasts. The platform's positive reviews and user testimonials add credibility to its claims.

Logo Maker - Create a Free Logo Online | FreeLogoDesign (2024)


Is there a logo maker that is actually free? ›

Shopify's online logo maker is a free tool to help you create your own unique logo. When using the logo maker tool, you'll find various professional logo designs to choose from and customize.

What is the best free logo generator AI? ›

LOGO.com has the best free AI logo generator, which serves as the cost-effective alternative to hiring professional logo designers. It eliminates the need for extensive design consultations and iterative design processes.

Can I use a free image as my logo? ›

Using a stock photo as your business logo is not recommended. Typically, stock images are licensed for specific uses, such as website content or marketing materials, but not as logos. Logos should be unique images that represent your specific brand identity.

Can I use Canva for free? ›

Frequently Asked Questions. Can I use Canva for free? Canva is always free for every individual. However, if you want to unlock premium features, individuals can upgrade to Canva Pro to easily create professional designs and content.

What is the easiest program to design a logo on? ›

Top 10 Logo Design Software Programs
SoftwareSkill levelEase of use
AAA LogoBeginnerEasy
6 more rows

What is the best tool to create a logo? ›

With its comprehensive digital design toolset, Adobe Illustrator is ideal for any logo, icon, or graphic design project. Use vector graphics to scale your logo design from business card size to billboard size with no loss of quality — guaranteeing the best presentation in every situation.

What free AI app is everyone using? ›

Fotor is the top and most free AI app in 2024 for image editing and different tasks.

What is the AI tool to create a logo? ›

Looka is an AI-powered logo maker, allowing you to create custom logos. The logo maker generates unique logo options based on your input, such as the company name, industry, logo styles, colors, and symbols. Looka's logo maker is designed to be easy to use and does not require any design skills.

Can Chatgpt create a logo? ›

It provides a vast library of customizable logo templates, icons, and fonts, allowing users to create professional logos without any design experience.

How to design a logo for beginners? ›

How to Design a Logo
  1. Understand your brand.
  2. Brainstorm words that describe your brand.
  3. Sketch ideas based on these words.
  4. Test your top sketches with your buyer persona.
  5. Refine your chosen sketch.
  6. Develop your logo's layout on a free design platform.
  7. Pick versatile color options.
  8. Choose a font.
Mar 6, 2024

Can I draw my own logo online? ›

GraphicSprings is a free logo maker that allows you to easily create a drawing logo online, without any graphic design experience needed.

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