European Style House Plan 66299 with 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 3 Car Garage (2024)

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European Style House Plan 66299 with 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 3 Car Garage (4)

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Country European

Plan Number 66299
Old Plan ID: chp-48975

Order Code: C101

2292 Sq Ft, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, 3 Car Garage

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Quick Specs

2292 Total Living Area
1951 Main Level
341 Upper Level
3 Bedrooms
3 Full Baths
3 Car Garage
72' W x 59'7 D

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PDF File: $1,385.00
1 Set: $990.00
5 Sets: $1,045.00
8 Sets: $1,185.00

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Plan Specifications


Total Living Area:2292 sq ft
Main Living Area:1951 sq ft
Upper Living Area:341 sq ft
Garage Area:784 sq ft
Garage Type:Attached
Garage Bays:3
Foundation Types:Slab
Exterior Walls:2x4
House Width:72'
House Depth:59'7
Number of Stories:2
Full Baths:3
Max Ridge Height:28' from Front Door Floor Level
Primary Roof Pitch:12:12
Roof Load:30 psf
Roof Framing:Stick
Porch:574 sq ft
1st Floor Master:Yes
Main Ceiling Height:9' - 10'
Upper Ceiling Height:9'
Plan Package Pricing


  • PDF File: $1,385.00
  • 1 Set: $990.00 **
  • 5 Sets: $1,045.00
  • 8 Sets: $1,185.00
  • Reproducible Set: $1,385.00
  • Additional Sets: $50.00

** 1 Set order does not include a License-To-Build. For bidding purposes only. Customer can upgrade order within 90 days.

Available Foundation Types:

  • Slab: No Additional Fee

Available Exterior Wall Types:

  • 2x4:No Additional Fee

Prices subject to approval prior to fulfillment.

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What's Included?

What is Included in this House Plan?

Foundation Plan
Floor Plans
Schematic Electric Layout
Exterior Elevations
Roof Plan
Cabinet Elevations
Cross Sections and Details

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European Style House Plan 66299 with 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 3 Car Garage (9)

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European Style House Plan 66299 with 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 3 Car Garage (2024)


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  6. Browse through building plan catalogs for ideas. ...
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